Aloha Grapes Gang –

I’ve got to admit that I’m finding it hard to write this Thanksgiving newsletter.  Usually, I’m all perky and can’t wait to tell you about the turkey wine that I’ve found for you.  But this year, I’ve been in a funk and I guess it’s because so many of you in Puna and Volcano suffered from the effects of Fissure 8’s eruption and the loss of business due to the earthquakes.  I’ve also heard so many of your stories and had several of you cry on my shoulder as you told me of your lost. (And I think why are you apologizing to me for not buying my wines when you just lost your home?)

So, I believe this Thanksgiving will be a special one.  Special because the natural disasters we experienced have shown us how resilient we are and how we can bounce back from adversity and that the human spirit cannot be broken.

And it is with these thoughts in mind that I’ve decided to offer you an assortment of wines at various price points to satisfy your Thanksgiving needs.  All wines will be available this Saturday (November 17, 2018).

Grapes wishes all of you the very best of Thanksgivings.  Peace to you and your family – Randy

Scheid Family Wines –

From all of the wine trade shows and tastings I’ve attended in 2018, I’ve discovered wines from the Scheid Family of Monterey, California that are marvelous not only in terms of flavor, but also in price.  Established in 1972, the Scheid family practices sustainable farming using the wind to power their winery and over 100 homes, and is certified by California Sustainable Winegrowing association, Global Good Ag Practice, British Retail Consortium for international standard in food safety, and are HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) certified.

All of their wines are outstanding and show their commitment to excellence in vineyard management and winemaking practice, and it is my hope that one of their bottles will grace your Thanksgiving table.

Scheid 2016 District 7 Estate Pinot Noir, Monterey, CA ($17 per bottle) –

Gosh, full of raspberries, cherries, Surinam cherries and forest floor; the wine is medium in weight with a rich silky feel.  Perfect with the Thanksgiving ham! 2-cases available.

Scheid Ryder Estate 2016 Pinot Noir, Monterey, CA ($16 per bottle) –

Named after Al Scheid’s grandson, Ryder has more aromas and flavors of black cherries, plums and rhubard.  Burgundian in style. A great Pinot meant to meet the challenges of your grandma’s stuffing. 5-cases available.

Scheid 2015 Metz Road Pinot Noir, Monterey, CA ($27 per bottle) –

Small lot, single vineyard from their Riverview Vineyard just 40-miles south of Monterey Bay on the eastern slope of Salinas Valley, the palate is heavier showing black and red cherries, raspberries, cassis with wonderful balance between the fruit, tannin and acidity.  2-cases available.

Scheid Vineyard 2016 Reserve Pinot Noir, Monterey, CA ($30 per bottle) –

The full expression of the Scheid family is presented in their flagship wine.  Your mid-palate swims in the deep side of the pool with flavors of black and red cherries, blueberries, raspberries, vanilla, cherry tobacco and marvelous acidity with oh so soft tannins.  The finish, like their Metz Road, goes on towards Jupiter. 2-cases available.


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Grapes will be closed Thanksgiving Day and Friday (November 22nd and 23rd) and

Grapes will reopen on Saturday, November 24, 2018 at 12:00 noon.

Randy Nunokawa