Wine Tasting

Thursday, June 7, 2018
3:00p - 6:30p

[Featured wines are subject to change due to its availability]

Aloha Grapes Gang

Question Grasshoppa: which wine laughs like a young child, is as cheerful as a bright spring morning and is born red delivered white but grows up pink? The answer is blush wines! And, no, not that sweet yucky stuff that we used to drink in high school. I'm talking about wines that are incredibly hard to produce; wines that must balance its clean acidity with flavors of fresh day-picked fruit. Wines whose beautiful colors are created when clear pressed juice macerates ever so slightly with its red skin. Wines that are so refreshing and incredibly food friendly that it should be a no-brainer for the isles.

For this Thursday's wine tasting we showcase five blush wines, (aka rosé, rosado): Riebeek Cellars' Cape Rosé from South Africa, Burgo Viejo's Rosado from Rioja, Spain, Encostas Do Lima's Vinho Verde Rosé from Portugal and from France – Chateau de Lascaux and Alain de la Treille.

It's going to be a great tasting!

Looking forward to seeing you and your friends.



Riebeek Cellars, Cape Rose, Swartland, S. Africa ($12 per bottle) –
Think of fresh strawberries and red cherries with a crisp finish. Yums!

Burgo Viejo, Rosado, Rioja, Spain ($14 per bottle) –
100% Garnacha. Raspberry and clean red plums with spice on the finish.

Encostas Do Lima, Vinho Verde Rosé, Minho, Portugal ($11 per bottle) –
Light, fizzy strawberries with lime zest on the finish.

Alain de la Treille, Le Rosé, Vin de France ($13 per bottle) –
Wonderful fresh watermelon and strawberry flavors with surprising weight on the mid-palate.

Chateau de Lascaux, Languedoc, France ($11 per bottle) –
A Kermit Lynch selection, the wine is crisp with a lip-smacking dry finish.

All of the above rosés would pair well as an aperitif, and BBQs or with a light salad.


Randy Nunokawa