Wine Tasting Sparkler

Aloha Grapes Gang –

I hope that all of you had a wonderful Father’s Day remembering fathers from our past, celebrating dads now, as well as dads in the near future.

Grapes is again open with hopefully no interruptions in the coming weeks.  We had to close Grapes this past Friday and partially on Saturday because of doctor’s appointments and late scheduled testing.  Sorry about this but it saved me money not flying to and from Hilo, plus I haven’t heard from my doctors so no news is good news.

Alpha Box & Dice:

Several weeks ago, I was visited by co-owner Justin Fairweather of Alpha Box & Dice.  Traveling all the way from McLaren Vale, South Australia, Justin explained to me that Alpha Box & Dice serves as an incubator and laboratory for viniculture in Australia since 2008.  They continue to perform research and produce wines with minimal use of chemicals and sulfites, the use of natural fertilizers and minimal water usage.  What’s surprising is that Alpha Box & Dice have been growing vines not necessarily associated with Australia.  Vines like Grenache, Gruner Veltliner, Dolcetto, Glera and Montepulciano are grown, harvested, produced and measured into wines that are on Australia’s cutting edge, not to mention outstanding in taste with low alcohol, too.

Please come to Grapes this Thursday and taste the future of Australia!  Randy

Wine Tasting Sparkler –

Zaptung, NV Prosecco, South Australia ($17 per bottle) –

Made from Italy’s Glera grape varietal, this low alcohol wine can give Prosecco a run for its money.  Light, refreshing and crisp with wonderful lemon zest flavors, Zaptung is simply delicious.


Wine Tasting Rose –

Pink Matter, 2018, Rose, McLaren Vale, South Australia ($17 per bottle) –

Using the Veronese Ripasso method, their Chardonnay and Riesling grapes are fermented with no Sulphur intervention while a portion of the grapes are fermented with Grenache for its color.  Dry without losing its texture, Pink Matter is a winner.


Wine Tasting White –

Kit & Kaboodle White, 2017 Chenin Blanc, Gewurztramier, Gruner Veltliner, Riesling, Adelaide Hills, South Australia ($17 per bottle) –

Kit & Kaboodle White has a blend of Chenin Blanc for its apple flavor, Gewurztraminer for its spice, Gruner Veltliner for its melon and Riesling for its acidity.  Aromatic with floral notes with nice weight and subtle flavors.  Try it you’ll like it!


Wine Tasting Reds –

Kit & Kaboodle Red, 2017 Montepulciano, Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon, Langhorne Creek/McLaren Vale, South Australia ($17 per bottle) –

Justin says the wine is like the European Union where the old and new clash and where no two players are drumming to the same beat.  The Grenache and Cab are fermented one-year in old oak casks before being combined with tank fermented Montepulciano.  Flavors show ripe berry with earth and spice flavors on the finish.  Maybe England should stay in the Union?

Tarot Red 2018 Grenache, McLaren Vale, South Australia ($17 per bottle) –

The Grenache grapes come from a resurrected vineyard saved by the Alpha Box & Dice crew.  10% are whole bunch fermented with the remainder fermented 6-months on its lees in tank.  Justin says it’s the “contrast between light and dark…detailed and enchanting” that makes the Tarot Red compelling.  This wine will be great with anything hearty.

Randy Nunokawa