Thursday Wine Tasting

Aloha Grapes Gang –

My but we’ve been having some warm weather lately!  You know it’s bad when I can’t wait to get to work and get kissed by Grapes’s A/C.

Due to our in-climate weather, I’ve decided to showcase wines to cool you off.  Just imagine coming home from work, kicking off your shoes (slippers for some), changing into your shorts and tee shirt, sitting on your porch and pouring yourself some of these ice-cold beauties.

Looking forward to seeing you and your friends at Thursday’s tasting – Randy

Wine Tasting Sparkler –

 Navaran, Cava, Catalonia, Spain ($16 per bottle) –

A sparkling wine from Catalonia, Spain, Navaran can be popped any time due to its price and wonderful flavors of lemon, lime and citrus peel.  Crisp and clean, it’s perfect for a hot day at the pool.

Wine Tasting Roses –

Dominio de Eguren, Protocolo, Rose, La Mancha, Spain ($10 per bottle) –

Gosh this is a deal.  Made from the Bobal and Tempranillo grape varietals, the wine is fermented in stainless steel to maintain its crispness.  Wonderful flavors of strawberries and cranberries with a hint of Poha (Gooseberry) on the finish.

Charles Smith, Vino Rose, Washington, USA ($12 per bottle) –

Paraphrasing winemaker Charles Smith, you can drink a rose and still be bad-assed.  This is from a guy who is over six feet tall, barrel chested with blond dreadlocks and Ray Bans 24/7.  His rose is a quaffer and should not be taken seriously.  Made from the Sangiovese grape varietal it shows cherry, cranberry flavors with a slice of lemon.

Benzinger, Rose, Glen Ellen, CA. ($14 per bottle) –

Deep hues for a rose, Benzinger’s rose is made from the Grenache and Syrah grape varietals.  Shows flavors of raspberries, cherries and blackberries while being light and graceful.  Enough heft to pair with pork spareribs with a tangy BBQ sauce.

Randy Nunokawa