Say it ain’t so.

Aloha Grapes Gang –

Say it ain’t so.

Yup, I’m sorry to report this but one of my wholesalers lost their contract with one of my favorite Spanish wine merchants -- Jorge Ordonez.  It was through Ordonez that Grapes introduce quality Spanish wines to Hilo at unbelievable prices.

So as not to cry over spilt milk, this Thursday’s wine tasting will feature the last of Jorge’s wines.  We’ll be tasting a great rose from Bodegas Breca, an awesome old vine Moscatel from Bodegas Botani, and two reds: Teso la Monja’s Romanico and Bodegas Sierra Cantabria’s Reserva from the Rioja district of Spain.

Looking forward to seeing you and your friends at Thursday’s tasting – Randy


Wine Tasting White –

2016 Bodegas Botani, Old Vine Moscatel, Malaga, Spain ($17 per bottle) –

Made from the Moscatel (Muscat) grape varietal, Botani’s wine shows wonderful lychee fruit, tangerine peel and lemon notes with a nice medium mouthfeel.  Very dry in style, this refreshing wine is excellent when paired with cantaloupe and prosciutto.


Wine Tasting Rose –

2017 Bodegas Breca Rose, Aragon, Spain ($13 per bottle) –

Gosh this is a deal.  Normally I’d be selling this bottle for $17.00.  Made from the Garnacha (Grenache) grape varietal, Breca’s rose has a nice watermelon, strawberry flavor on a dry finish.  Great as an aperitif.


Wine Tasting Reds – 

2016 Bodegas Teso la Monja, Romanico, Toro, Spain ($17 per bottle) –

The wine is produced by the Eguren family who have become a major player in the Spanish wine trade.  Made from the Tinta de Toro grape varietal, Romanico shows a core of cherry, raspberry and red plum flavors with spice and rosemary on a dry finish.  Romanico is perfect for Spain’s cured ham called jamon.

2011 Bodegas Sierra Cantabria Reserva, Rioja, Spain ($25 per bottle) –

Sierra Cantabria’s Reserva is made from the Tempranillo and Granciano grape varietals.  Aged for 18-months in French and American oak barrels, their Reserva shows old oak flavors of wild cherries, plums blackberries, spice and black pepper.  It shows soft, mouthcoating tannins on the finish.  The wine would appreciate being decanted for a couple of hours.  Hard cheeses and roast pork would complement this wine.


Randy Nunokawa