Stock-up Now -- Next Week’s Business Hours

Aloha Grapes Gang –

I want to thank all of you who visited Grapes at yesterday’s wine tasting.  It was fun seeing all of you and I appreciate your support during the slow month of August.  The Italian wines were delicious and sales were outstanding – thank you, again.

Now don’t get misty eyed on me because I have some good news and some bad news for you: the good news is that my cardiologist gave me the okay to have my shoulder surgery!  I can’t wait to get it repaired.  The bad news is that Grapes will be closed next week from Wednesday, August 28th through Tuesday, September 3rd as I go to Honolulu to have my surgery.  What this further means is that Grapes will only be open next week Tuesday the 27th so make a bee line to Grapes today and tomorrow (and Tuesday) to stock up on your wines.

Looking forward to seeing you and thank you for your support – Randy

Randy Nunokawa