Wine Tasting Thursday! 

Aloha Grapes Gang –

It’s really nice to be back at Grapes.

I want to thank all of you who have been sending me your positive vibes as I recover from rotor cuff surgery.  My shoulder continues to improve in movement and I don’t fear PT anymore. I also don’t know how T. Rex was able to apply underarm deodorant with his limited arm movement.

Grapes will continue to showcase wines that are meant for hot weather.  That is, wines that are lighter and crisper in mouthfeel, less in alcohol with a clean drier finish.  With this in mind, we will be tasting a wonderful Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand called Sea Pearl, a Verdejo from Spain called Shaya, a great Falanghina from Italy and two Pinot Noirs – Le Grand from France and Sileni from Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand.

Looking forward to seeing you and your friends this Thursday’s tasting – Randy

Wine Tasting Whites –

Alois Caulino Falanghina, Campania, Italy ($16 per bottle) –

From the Alois family of Campania, Italy.  The Falanghina grape varietal is believed to be from Greece and comes from the Greek work phalanga or stake/pole, which is used to prop up the grape vines.  The wine shows great lemon lime flavors with a crisp refreshing finish. Perfect with shrimp!

Sea Pearl Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough, New Zealand ($15 per bottle) –

Crisp, clean with a vibrant finish showing Poha (Goose) berries, red grapefruit and tropical fruits.  Perfect to sooth a savage beast on a hot day.

Bodegas Shaya Verdejo, Castilla y Leon, Rueda, Spain ($15 per bottle) –

Nice weight on the mid-palate with flavors of lime, green melon and a hint of hazel nuts, spice and thyme on the finish.  This wine would pair well with sautéed ono served with tomato salsa and avocado.

Wine Tasting Reds –

Le Grand Pinot Noir, Pays d’Oc, France ($12 per bottle) –

From the foothills of the Pyrenees, the wine is marked with low tannins, wonderful flavors of red currants and cherries with a round earthy finish.  Great alone, Le Grand would go well with all sorts of dishes from hamburgers to Filet Mignon.

Sileni Reserve Pinot Noir “The Plateau” Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand ($18 per bottle) –

A great example of what New Zealand can produce with the Pinot Noir grape varietal.  Flavors of currants, a core of cherry fruit with garden herbs and Suriname cherries on the finish.  Words like great mouthfeel and a clean finish come to my mind when tasting this classic wine. What a steal!

Randy Nunokawa