Wine Tasting

Thursday, March 1, 2018
3:00p - 6:30p

[Featured wines are subject to change due to its availability]

Aloha Grapes Gang —

So what do you think about this gray rainy weather we've been having? It's getting harder to concentrate each passing day; and all I want to do is lie on my sofa, read my book and drink hot tea. Of course, having a glass of wine helps, which leads me to this Thursday's wine tasting: Grapes's will be showcasing wines from the Gil family of Spain, a new Pinot Noir from Bridlewood and a Gewurztraminer from the Storrs family. All of their wines have wonderful taste and are outstanding in value.

So bring your friends and join us at this Thursday's wine tasting. Randy


Storrs Winery, Gewurztraminer, Santa Cruz, CA ($14 per bottle) –
Storrs family has been producing Gewurztraminer for years in the wind blown terrace overlooking the Arroyo Seco and the Salinas Valley. Gewurztraminer is an interesting wine in that it can be very voluptuous and sexy with perfume aromas and the taste of spice on the finish. I find the wine hard to pair with since it demands foods that shares its personality. Try foods with a ginger base like Indian or Chinese.


I'm being honest here, but I have not tasted these wines since I just discovered them. Nevertheless, the wines from the Juan Gil family of Spain are always solid values with wonderful balanced taste. The wines we will be tasting include:
Bodegas Atalaya—Laya, Almansa, Spain ($10 per bottle) –
Base grape varietals are Granacha, Monastrell.
Can Blau Cellars, Can Blau, Montsant, Spain ($13 per bottle) –
Based grape varietals are Cariñena, Syrah and Granacha.
Tridente, Entresuelos, Tempranillo, Zamora, Casilla y Leon, Spain ($13 per bottle)

Bridlewood, Pinot Noir, Monterey County, CA ($14 per bottle) –
Bridlewood's central coast Pinot throws an array of aromas at you from cherries, raspberry puree and oak funk. Flavors of mocha, dark fruit with hints of oak and caramel offers you a better conclusion.

A wine tasting service fee of $5.00 per person will be assessed at the door. This service fee will be discounted off of any bottle purchased at the wine tasting. Thank you for your understanding.

Randy Nunokawa